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Have you ever stepped into your car on a hot Summer’s day, turned on the ignition, reached for the air conditioning dial and (horror of horrors) been left devastated (and unnaturally sweaty) as it has done nothing at all? Or worse, blown hot air out which produces a rancid odour?

Given the ‘heatwave’ (well that’s what we are going to call it anyway) that has gripped the UK over the past few days, we thought we would think about those unfortunate people who have experienced this problem.

According to The Telegraph, it is estimated that half a million car air conditioning systems fail each year and that fixing these systems can cost an annual £220 million. That works out to £440 each on average!

Honest John advises that the two most common reasons for air conditioning failure to be “lack of gas (via leaks at the system seals) and component breakdown”. 

Although, before jumping to the conclusion of it being an air conditioning fault have you checked your Cabin Filter?

 What is a Cabin Filter and Why is it Important?

 Perhaps an inconspicuous part of a car’s anatomy, but the Cabin Filter fulfils an important role to the occupants of the vehicle. The Pollen Filter filters out contaminants from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It strips the air of impurities such as dirt or pollen and can make the car journey uncomfortable, particularly for passengers with allergies or respiratory problems.

Why Should I check my Cabin Filter?

 A dirty or clogged Cabin Filter can cause bacteria to grow in the ducting on the condensation build up through using the air conditioning unit. This will subsequently restrict the airflow into the cabin and produce a very unyielding smell, which some people have described as like ‘wet dog’ or ‘smelly socks’.

How can I Check my Cabin Filter?

 Many Cabin Filters are located under the bonnet, behind the Glove Compartment or under the dashboard. We would recommend reading your owner’s handbook to check where the Cabin Filter is stored in your vehicle. Changing a Cabin Filter is a simple enough job, and Unipart have helped to make this easier for you by including instructions/diagrams in every box – which is a unique benefit of buying Unipart Cabin Filters, you will not receive these with any other brand!

 How do I Know if my Cabin Filter Needs Changing?

The simple answer to this question is to check the Cabin Filter and see! If you see grime, residue, leaves or debris all over your Cabin Filter, then it is likely that it needs to be replaced. We would recommend that you check your owner’s handbook to see what the interval is for changing your Cabin Filter.

Where Can I Get a Unipart Cabin Filter?

 The best place for you to get a genuine quality Unipart Cabin Filter is

 Why Should I Use Unipart Filtration?

 Filtration is a necessary part of every vehicle service, keeping debris from the engine. Unipart offers an extensive range of top quality Oil, Air, Cabin and Fuel Filters that are a genuine alternative to OEM products.

Unipart Filtration can support the needs of the mass car market - covering over 33 million cars, car derived vans, and Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes in the UK. Engineered to match Original Equipment filter performance.

Unipart Filters provide the highest possible protection for the engine and cabin from harmful particulates. Unipart has gained success in its 40 years of being in the automotive industry by prioritising the right technical solutions for our range of products.

After 40+ years matching Original Equipment quality, we are confident that our product range meets the needs of today’s aftermarket as THE GENUINE ALTERNATIVE.


 Extensive range: Unipart offers an extensive range of filters to guarantee customer satisfaction for the mass market.

High Availability: Unipart keeps stock of the entire range of filters and can distribute quickly to customers.

Top Quality: All Unipart Filters are manufactured with the top quality paper and materials available. Unipart Filtration, alongside its entire range matches the specifications and performance of OEM products.

Peace of Mind: All Unipart filtration products carry a year warranty.

 So, if you don’t like that ‘wet dog’ smell then don’t forget to check your Cabin Filter. If you do, then I guess we’re not here to judge!

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