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Get Your Snow Socks Ready Now Image

Don’t Get Caught Out This Winter. Get Your Snow Socks Ready Now

UK winters can be harsh and unpredictable at the best of times and that calls for a little advance preparation. With a “horror winter” predicted this year, it makes sense to ensure your vehicle is ready for the icy conditions whether you are driving long distance or taking a short journey to work each morning.

Not Just Another Gimmick - Snow Socks Provide Serious Traction

You may not have heard of snow socks for vehicles. Sounds like the latest gimmick doesn’t it?  But as an effective and affordable alternative to winter tyres or snow chains, snow socks are one of the best precautions you can take this winter if you want to ensure your vehicle is able to grip the road and perform safely and surely. 

Snow Socks vs Snow Chains and Winter Tyres

We may not have any snow this year or we may have severe snowfalls across the country. There is just no way of knowing for sure and weather forecasts can frequently get it wrong. However, in recent years we have seen a significant increase in snowy conditions and this has caused car accessories manufacturers to take note. As a result, we’ve seen more and more winter tyres being offered in preparation for the “big freeze”.

However, the problem with buying winter tyres is that they can be quite costly to buy and fit. Snow chains in comparison are best for very severe conditions where there has been a very heavy snowfall. 

Snow socks on the other hand are easy to slip over your regular tyres in an instant. They are perfect for driving on fresh snow and ice and when snow turns into slush or thin ice, snow socks come into their own because they are able to create that essential friction with the road that gets your car moving.

David Evans, senior researcher for motoring at Which?, said: “At £50 a pair, snow socks are certainly a cheap alternative to buying and fitting a set of winter tyres and rims.”

The Perfect Seasonal Car Care Solution For Any Vehicle In Any Area

Snow socks are designed to get you out of trouble especially if your regular tyres struggle in icy or frosty conditions. Even 4x4 vehicles could benefit hugely from a set of snow socks. If you live in a rural or hilly area, you’re going to need some extra traction to get you going until you reach gritted roads and snow socks will provide this.  Even in urban areas, many people have difficulty even getting off of their drives because their tyres are simply unable to maintain enough grip. 

As part of your seasonal car car maintenance this winter, make sure snow socks are at the top of your list. Be the first car off the blocks each morning and leave your neighbours wondering how you did it. Snow socks certainly are a sound investment and also give you that all important smug factor.

The Types Of Snow Socks Available And How To Buy Them

There are two different types of snow socks on the market today; a composite model and the more common textile model. Both cover the entire tyre and insulate the tyre from snow. Another benefit is that they do not disturb the safety systems on your vehicle such as ESP or ABS. Look out for snow socks with a high polyester count as these absorb more surface water from the road improving grip and allowing you to drive at speeds up to 30 mph. 

If you are looking for high quality, high performance snow socks for your vehicle, your local Unipart Car Care Centre will be able to assist. We have access to over 200 parts and accessories suppliers and can help you with seasonal car care throughout the year.

Why not download our free car maintenance calendar today to keep your vehicle in tip top condition no matter what the weather has in store?   Don’t get caught out.  Get snow socks on your vehicle and it’ll be business as usual!   

This article is by Stuart Sykes. Stuart Sykes is Digital Marketing Manager at Unipart Automotive Limited and writes on a wide range of car care and car maintenance topics. You can check him out on Google+.

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