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Car Servicing Pays for Itself

Customer-approved car servicing that pays for itself

Do you ever stop to question the cost or value of your car service? Your car always seems to be running well, so why does it need to be taken into your local garage every year?

Providing you're taking your car to a reputable and honest garage – one of our Unipart Car Care Centres for example – you needn't worry. Because quality servicing will pay for itself over the course of a year, probably more than once.

Your car is a pretty complicated piece of machinery, and it needs regular attention if it's going to carry on performing at its best. But if you stopped servicing your car, how would you know when it starts to deteriorate?

Not all services are created equal

While servicing is something that's recommended as essential by every car manufacturer, the actual service procedure varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Every one of the friendly, independent garages that make up our nationwide Unipart network caters for all makes and models of car, including diesels. Instead of using a blanket service routine, we service according to your manufacturer's specifications, to ensure smooth running of your car every time you get in.

And because sometimes you don't need a full service, we offer a range of service types to meet your exact needs, meaning you don't need to pay a penny more than you need to.

We make your car safer and more affordable

One of the main benefits of proper car servicing is that your car is significantly more economical on fuel when it's running properly. Most of us spend a significant sum of money on the forecourt every year, and regular servicing helps to keep that spend to a minimum.


For example, a clogged air filter alone can increase your fuel consumption by a massive 10%! For many people, a saving of 10% on their annual fuel bill will cover the cost of servicing – and then some.

We protect you with a 12 month guarantee

Customers like you keep coming back to Unipart Car Care Centres not only for the friendly and affordable service, but for the reassurance. Any parts we fit, and any labour involved in fitting them are automatically protected by our nationwide 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee.

That means that you can return your car to any of our local independent garages if something goes wrong with the work we've done, and we'll get you safely back on the road at no extra cost.

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