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Diesel Specialists and Engine Management Specialists

Your trusted diesel specialists and engine management specialists

If you're unlucky enough to see the engine warning light on your dashboard, you'll have every right to be a little anxious. Especially as the warning light might be the only indication that something's not right with your vehicle. If you're tempted to ignore it – don't!

Find Specialist Now

As soon as you see the warning light, you should bring your car to one of our customer-recommended Unipart Car Care Centres where you'll benefit from the experience of a qualified engine management specialist. At his (or her!) disposal will be the latest tools, equipment and training to quickly and affordably diagnose the problem, and – most importantly – get it fixed. 

Experts in every make and model – including diesels

In addition to having the knowledge and experience to deal with any make or model of car, we also employ highly-trained diesel specialists. As modern diesel cars have become more complex, it now takes a more specialised toolkit and knowledge to effectively carry our services and repairs.

Whatever problem we find with your vehicle, we promise to restore you and your car with the following:

  • Fuel economy
  • Driving comfort
  • Safe emission levels

Repair Process

Why have engine and diesel specialists?

All modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board computer which monitors the engine's performance. On average, an engine contains 10 different sensors which all send important information to the computer or Engine Management System.

If a sensor detects a problem with your engine, or if one of the connections isn't functioning properly, your engine warning light will come on. Once this happens, we recommend taking your vehicle straight to a Unipart centre where one of our qualified technicians will be able to investigate the cause.

Failure to address the problem straight away could cause an accident, serious engine damage, and the almost-certain loss of fuel efficiency.

In order to provide a reliable and cost-effective service, our engine management and diesel specialists are regularly kept up to date with the latest developments in engine computer systems and the best methods for working with them. 

We'll get you safely back on the road, as quickly as we can, and with the minimum expense.

Diesel and Engine Specialist Logos

Use our Services Garage finder to locate your local Unipart Car Care Centre and look our for the Diesel and Engine Management Specialist logo's on their profile.

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