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Warning signs your brakes need checking

The brakes on a car are the most important component. Their only job is to make sure the car stops safely. Here are a five crucial signs your brakes need to be checked sooner rather than later.

Pads are worn

Brake pads can become worn easily depending on how often you drive your car. A good way to check is to remove the wheel and make sure the pads are at least one-quarter inch thick. Any less and they’ll need changing.


A squeal or grinding sound usually means you’ve gone right through the brake pads. The metal calipers are now grinding against the metal of the rotors. This will cause a lot more damage if left untreated.

The car pulls

If you feel the car pull from left or right it might mean a caliper is stuck. Of course it might not be the brakes, it could be a flat tyre. However, it is still an issue that is worth getting a qualified mechanic to check.

Vibrating pedal

As you drive your car day in day out you’ll notice even the slightest change is cause for concern. A vibrating brake pedal could indicate worn rotors.

Spongy feel

Your foot goes right to the floor when applying the brake. This could potentially be a leak in the brake fluid and as such will certainly affect your stopping distance.

If you’re doing a lot of driving then it’s important to have your brakes checked and serviced regularly. Remember faulty or worn brakes not only put your iife at risk but the lives of other drivers.

Do your brakes feel spongy? Don’t leave it to chance, book in with one of our highly trained mechanics. Find your nearest UCCC garage using our online garage finder and book an appointment.